How Employees Become Ambassadors and Advocates in a Crisis

The New Rules of Crisis Management in the Digital Age

On-Demand, available until April 25, 2019
Recorded April 26, 2018

Category: Crisis & Reputation

The webinar will bring to life Chapter 3 of the recently issued ebook, "The New Rules of Crisis Management," published by RockDove Solutions, with distribution and promotional support from the PRSA. The webinar explores how you leverage employees as advocates, ambassadors and authentic voices during a crisis in the digital age. The webinar will step through some best practices, the case for employee engagement early and often, and how to build your own coalition of ambassadors.

By the end of this webinar, you will be able to:

  • Understand the importance of employees as a cricital audience in a crisis.
  • Understand how to engage employees to support an organization's crisis strategy.
  • Make the case for employee's as a critical audience and engagement strategy to senior leaders.

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Necole J. Merritt, Georgia State University Jack Robinson College of Business/ Strategic Advisor - Marketing & Communications

Photo of Necole J. Merritt

Necole Merritt is a veteran communications and business executive who has worked across the automotive, telecommunications, cable, academic, healthcare and electric utility industries. Necole is a strategic communications advisor and an adjunct instructor at Georgia State University where she teaches business communications in the Jack Robinson College of Business.  Most recently, she was the former Chief Communications Officer for a New Orleans-based Fortune 250 energy company.


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